Bentleyville posted some exciting news on Facebook saying that they've gotten a $10 million grant for some lights on Interstate 35.

Before we get too far into this, remember what today is. Bentleyville said that the $10 million dollar grant would be used for rope lights to decorate 42 miles of Interstate 35 from Moose Lake to Duluth, there will also be light displays at the rest stops and apple cider and muffins served nightly.

The lights would be on most night between today, "April 1st and November 31st" with the southbound lanes lit in red lights and the northbound lanes lit in green lights.

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Additionally, Bentleyville says, "Trees starting in alphabetical order by species along the same stretch of the interstate are expected to be lit with 50,000,00 incandescent 9C opaque bulbs that will illuminate the highway allowing for extra light to see reindeer and elves attempting to cross the freeway."

Of course this is a very creative April Fools' Day joke, and I have to say I had to read it twice before I realized what it was. Good one. And reading the comments on the post, I'm not the only one who was fooled by the post.

I like the idea though, maybe not the apple cider and muffins nightly, but some lights coming in to Duluth for those making the trip to see the yearly light display might be fun. But, I'm sure it's hard enough to get volunteers to set up the main display, much less adding more outside of town.

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