Dee Snider stepped behind the camera to direct a mop commercial that helped his team win this week’s challenge on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ Most importantly, he didn’t break his finger, get operated on or risk angering the ‘Incredible Hulk,‘ as he’s done across the last three weeks.

Snider deftly steered clear of the personal drama that erupted between team captain (and surprisingly good dancer) Lou Ferrigno, Clay Aiken and Penn Jillette. In a nutshell, Aiken called Jillette “condescending” for being too tough on the Hulk’s original ideas for the commercial they needed to make.

In the magician’s defense, the idea was corny, and after the above argument erupted the team came up with a substantial twist that made it much better. If Jillette had played nice rather than give his true opinion, not only would they have been saddled with a bad idea, but then he truly would have been condescending to Ferrigno.

After dryly noting and then calmly dismissing Jillette’s continued anger over the situation, Snider got the team focused and back in the business of making a good commercial. Along with Aiken, he brought the best out of a surprisingly nervous Ferrigno for the filming and edited the footage together quite nicely.

The men’s team ended up winning, and earned the right to watch the women rip themselves to shreds in the boardroom. Snider got off a couple of great wisecracks about the proceedings — we particularly liked his “something about herself” comment referencing Aubrey O’Day’s favorite conversational subject.

In general, Snider seems like one centered, cool customer, who’s taking the challenges seriously without getting caught up in the nonsense that often goes along with these shows.  When this show started, we kind of wanted him eliminated — so we could have our Sunday nights free. But now, we’re rooting for him to go all the way!

Watch Dee Snider Direct Lou Ferrigno on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’