According to information shared by the City of Superior - both online and as part of their quarterly utility bill, the following dates are important to know for those who may have unpaid charges due to city:

  • October 31, 2019:  Payments for past due balances must be received by this date to avoid a 10% penalty.
  • November 1, 2019:  A 10% penalty is added to any delinquent balance.  Property owners may pay their account balance in full - including the 10% penalty - to avoid having those charges assessed against the property tax bull until November 15, 2019.
  • November 16, 2019:  Delinquent balances are turned over to Douglas County and removed from the utility billing system.  As of November 16, 2019 no payments will be accepted by the Finance Department towards any past due balance.  Delinquent amounts may only be paid on your property taxes.  Payments received after November 15, 2019 will be applied against current unpaid balances.


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