I stayed up to watch the last show of David Letterman's Late Show. I laughed hard, got a  lump in my throat, and overall was impressed with what he had on the air. The people I am most impressed with, FOO FIGHTERS!

Over and over I hear that the band are a bunch of nice guys, to hear the story that when Dave came back and the Foo Fighters played his first show after his heart surgery. Then to come back and be the last guests who never got any camera time, that says a lot to me.

The show delivered as promised, the Top Ten was great when all the stars delivered their lines. The memories of people who had been on the show, bits he had done, and the shot of his family.

Again, David is the king of making fun of himself, and letting you inside of his joke, his world and his show.

Thank You DAVE, for a great run and a great show.

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