Dave Grohl is the lead singer of the group Foo Fighters, which were supposed to be on their anniversary tour this year, but that is not happening.

Dave is at home with his family, they have finished their latest album, his band The Foo Fighters had to cancel their tour because of the Coronavirus, and according to his Instagram page, he is looking for work.  I was just there on his page and Dave already has 202,000 followers and it's growing fast. He hasn't added a story yet but says he has many of them. After touring for 25 years with the Foo Fighters and before that Nirvana, there's got to be some great stories that have happened.

As you can see below Dave praises his Mom and Dad and so it leads me to believe he might have some good childhood stories as well. One of them might be with a ghost that interrupted the recording of their latest album.

Spin.com is reporting that the Foo Fighters said they would find Pro Tools recording sessions were changed or deleted. The mixing board was turned down. Many other stories that the band went through. So, I'm looking forward to this new endeavor from Mr. Grohl and hope he starts with that one.

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