This is sad news for Duluthians: actor and Duluth native Daniel Durant was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars on Monday night (November 14th). He made it pretty far but we would have loved for him to win!

In case you didn't know, the actor joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars in September. The cast for the show is always filled with the biggest actors, athletes, reality television stars and television hosts. It was fun to see a Duluthian on the cast.

It was another huge moment for the Northlander, who had nothing short of an incredible year. He was in the massive smash hit movie Coda, which took home a slew of awards during award season and even won Best Picture at the Academy Awards earlier this year.

Needless to say, he is having his big breakout year and this was a big part of that! He was paired on the show with professional dancer Britt Stewart. The two grew to have a great friendship, which definitely showed through week after week.

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Sadly, their run on the show has ended. The semi-finals took place on Monday and while the two killed it, they were ousted and will not be advancing to the finals. Competition was certainly fierce with six teams eyeing four spots in the next round.

Three couples were in the bottom three with one couple automatically getting eliminated. With two couples left in the bottom, the judges were tasked with deciding which other couple would be leaving the show. Ultimately, they chose Daniel and Britt.

Based on the comments of many avid watchers of the show, Daniel and Britt consistently did great but didn't get the scores from the judges to reflect that. People definitely weren't happy about the scores the duo has been receiving but that's just how these types of shows go I suppose.

Daniel's legacy on the show will live on, however, as one of the only deaf contestants to take part in the show. Throughout the course of this season, he and his partner have incorporated American Sign Language into their dances and even performed one dance in silence to bring awareness to the deaf community.

I know great things are on the horizon after this for Daniel! After being in an Oscar-winning movie, I can't wait to see what he does next. Prior to his role in Coda, he has also been in the hit Netflix show You and Switched At Birth. He's still a big winner in our eyes.

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