Leave the smart pad at the office.  Don't bring the IPod.  And you'd better not check your cell phone.  A Washington D.C. restaurant has banned the use of all mobile devices in their establishment.

At Rogue 24, cameras and cellphones can’t be used beyond the salon and washrooms. And for a place that serves only 16- and 24-course tasting menus, that means a diner is denied access for about three hours.

At the table, there is to be no phone chatter, picture snapping or texting of any sort. And definitely no tweeting about the meal between courses, let alone messaging the chef directly, which would be pointless anyway because he doesn’t take his phone into the kitchen.

I'm all for it.  I believe that cell phone use in stores and businesses is simply rude and flies in the face of common etiquette.

What do you think?


D.C. eatery bans mobile devices while Toronto chefs welcome them - thestar.com.