Kendra Sommer got her start in entertainment gaining experience with booking, guests, and how to run a show. She also gained experience in journalism, working at FOX 21 here in Duluth. Kendra gained a love for cars from her Dad and when the opportunity lent itself to start her own show about cars, she saw a demographic that wasn't being served. 

There were car shows about fixing them, selling them, but not about the car and it's culture. Something she also learned from her father. He is also featured in the show. Kendra says this was a show she could look into everything that has to do with cars for men and women. She said the tide is changing for the amount of women who work on cars and restore them. Even if they aren't, it's a show for people that love cars.

She features episodes about cars, where they are used, how they are used, places that make cars part of their being, and little known things about cars. Like I said, it's a show about CARS.

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