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The tweet came after the GOP rally in Hutchinson on Monday. Mike Lindell is the Honorary Chairman for the Trump Campaign in Minnesota and Jennifer Carnahan put it "working tirelessly" to make Minnesota a Trump State.

Many people feel the groundwork was laid that Lindell was interested when he spoke at the Republican National Convention, WCCO CBS 4 reports he said he would turn Minnesota into a Republican State helping President Donald Trump get re-elected. WCCO goes on to say the last time Minnesota voted for a Republican candidate was in 1972

President Trump has shown his gratitude as Bringmethenews reports that KQRS Tom Barnard and Mike Lindell were invited to join Trump at Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, Lindell also appeared at an event in Mankato last month with President Trump where Trump said he should be the next Governor of Minnesota. Lindell has been vocal about his disapproval of current Governor Tim Walz. Although he didn't say what Governor Walz has handled badly, he has criticized Democratic leadership in general.

At the time I am writing this the most recent polls are averaging all the different surveys, they say Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden are tied in Minnesota. If the Chaska-Based business man Lindell can sway the state that would all but wrap things up for him to be the next candidate for the Republicans.


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