Well, we are two years into the Kirk Cousins experience, and still no Super Bowl. He hasn't even taken us further than Case Keenum did.

The GMFB team on the NFL Network seems to think Kirk Cousins is the dark horse choice to be an MVP. I'm thinking, he doesn't have that killer instinct as Brett Favre had, he doesn't have an arm. Let's see what Kyle Brandt had to say:

“With a clean pocket, he is the best-rated passer in the NFL,” Brandt said. “He was more effective on play-action than anybody. And now he’s got a healthy Dalvin (Cook). He’s got Gary Kubiak calling the offense. He’s got a rookie wideout from LSU who just wants to ball and doesn’t care about anything. I think, in a weird season … Kirk Cousins hoisting the MVP trophy, on the back of a 12-4 season would be incredible and I think my dark horse candidate — give me Kirk Cousins — and I do like that.”

The Viking Age says Las Vegas has Kirk Cousin's odds at  +4000 to win but also has 13 quarterbacks and two running backs that have better odds to win. Even they said there is still a chance, and they gave 3 reasons.

1. He knows the offense really well by now and knows what he can do to bend it into something he needs. He can see what the defense is doing because he knows where his guy should be. That makes him more accurate, more dangerous.

2. The Vikings aren't strong favorites. Some have them winning this year by one game, some have them losing, some have them taking third. All of the previous 4 MVP players were members of teams that exceeded their expectations. So, if the Vikings go 12-4, that's way better than the 10-6 they have them doing.

3. Looking at Kirk's stats. The Viking Age has him already playing well since he bacame a starter, in fact, they said he has the 4th best stats of Quarterbacks being behind Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and Drew Brees. Kirk even has better ratings than some guy named Aaron Rodgers.

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Here's what I've got as a takeaway. He knows the offense and could exploit it with Gary Kubiak (OC, considered one of the best) running it, No one expects much of the team but they have some big weapons for him. Has great stats already, if he could elevate his game just a bit, this could happen.

I have to admit when I look at the previous proof, I would say he has a chance, not a good chance, but a chance.

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