John Pinette, a stand-up comedian, was found dead of natural causes yesterday in Pittsburgh. Officials say he was discovered by family members in a hotel room. Pinette, is most famous for making jokes about his weight. Most famous for "You Go Now" about a chinese buffet.

He is also famous as the guy who guest-starred as the victim of a carjacking in the final episode of Seinfeld. Pinette portrayed an overweight man who gets carjacked at gunpoint. The show's stars stand by and watch as the incident unfolds, only to make fun of the man's weight before they are arrested by a police officer for violating the "Good Samaritan Law."

I always loved John and his comedy. I know most of his jokes were about eating, food, and eating. He was more than his weight and I enjoyed the fact that he could laugh at himself. Some say if you don't laugh at your problems you wind up crying about them. He was one that embraced his problems and joked about them.

I will miss his humor, and I will miss him. I was close to getting him to come on my show and talk about Thanksgiving.