The deadline for a scholarship that honors a Northland Medal of Honor recipient is fast approaching.  Thursday, November 15 is the last date applicants can sign up for the Mike Colalillo Medal of Honor Scholarship that's awarded through the Veterans Memorial Hall program.

The $1,500 scholarship is open to any full-time student who is enrolled in a higher education institution in St. Louis County, or is a resident of St. Louis County who is a full-time student enrolled in a higher education institution outside of St. Louis County.  In order to be considered, applicants must submit a 3 to 10 page double-spaced research paper on a topic relevant to veterans of St. Louis County; a minimum of one resource from the Albert J. Amatuzio Research Center must be referenced.  Research papers may address a historical event in St. Louis County - related to a conflict, a war, the homefront, or tell the story of a county veteran.  Application forms are available on the website

Mike Colalillo was the last living Medal of Honor recipient in St. Louis County - receiving the honor for his actions in World War II.  Along with a copy of his Medal of Honor, the Veterans Memorial Hall also displays Colalillo's uniform.  Admission to the hall is free to the public, during regular business hours at the Duluth Depot.


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