Duluth is often featured in lists of "best places to live," but now the city is getting attention for being a "climate refuge."

CNN did an eight-minute story called 'Is Anywhere Safe? Inside the Search Climate Refuge' and it features Duluth and why people are moving to our city as 'Climate Refugees' especially from places like California.

The story focuses a lot on the wildfires in California, which they say is because of climate change, and the reasons why, according to Dr. Jesse Keenan a professor at Tulan, Duluth is "particularly well positioned to become a climate refuge."

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Duluth Mayor Emily Larson is featured in the story in which she says that Duluth "is known as the San Francisco of the north" and in a Facebook post about the story said, "Once again Duluth came up as a place where people are moving to. We want to be that climate refuge for people in a way that sustains us all for many generations to come."

They mentioned a few reasons that Duluth is a perfect climate refuge, first, our cold weather, second, it's location far from any coasts, and finally, Lake Superior, the lake that holds about 10% of the fresh water on Earth.

Jamie Beck Alexander is also featured in the story, she considers herself a climate migrant that moved to Duluth from the real San Francisco with her husband and two children after she says that their "home didn't feel habitable" to them anymore after the 2018 Camp Fire.

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