Another local community has joined in on the COVID emergency and mask mandate reboot.  With a proclamation dated January 19, City of Cloquet Mayor Roger Maki issued the official Proclamation and Declaration of Emergency - offering guidance for government officials and meetings along with the face covering mandate.

The proclamation details that the emergency order starts immediately and will end on February 18, 2022.

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Mechanically, the order places a ban on all in-person meetings for city government.  Mayor Maki's proclamation states:

"Due to the current pandemic, it is not practical or prudent for the City Council or City boards and commissions to conduct in-person meetings.  It is not feasible for one member of the city council, one member of City Commissions, the city's chief administrative officer, the city's chief legal counsel, or members of the public to be present at the regular meeting location.  Until further notice, all meetings of City Commissions governed by Minnesota Statute, Section 13D shall be conducted by telephone or interactive technology."

The part of the declaration that will have the most impact (i.e. affect the largest number of people) is the indoor mask mandate.  The order issued by the Mayor requires all individuals to wear a mask or face covering when entering a "space of public accommodation". While the declaration spells out a legal definition of what that entails, it also offers colloquial examples:

"....includ(ing) retail stores, rental establishments, public transportation, facilities, and bus shelters, government buildings, places of worship, and service establishments as well as educational institutions, recreational facilities, and service centers."

There are also stipulations included for violation penalties.  The letter details that violations are "punishable by one or more of the following":

  • Issuance of warning letter(s)
  • Fines
  • Misdemeanor criminal prosecution

In addition to the usual channels of communication, the City of Cloquet took to social media to help spread the word about the order.

The City of Cloquet is the second community in the Northland to issue a mask mandate, following one set forth by Duluth Mayor Emily Larson last week.

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