Now that some mandates have been lifted, that is opening up a whole lot of opportunities for families for the Summer.

One of those opportunities is camping. KOA, very well known for their campgrounds announced they are opening for the 2021 Summer Camping Season. The KOA in Cloquet on Kampground Road announced they are ready to go. According to a press release by KOA, the Cloquet/Duluth KOA Journey is one of over 515 open-to-the-public KOA campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada.

In the Press Release, KOA's President Toby O'Rourke said they had seen an increase in people getting out during COVID and think this will be a big year for people to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

KOA went on to say that KOA's 2020 Special COVID-19 report showed it was one of the safest ways to travel and vacation for campers and non-campers. People can get out with thier family, enjoy what the campgrounds have to offer and learn more about the outdoors. People did camp because there weren't as many restrictions because it was outdoors and enjoyed by people in the same family group.

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KOA’s 2020 Special COVID-19 North American Camping Report found that camping is considered the safest way to travel and vacation among both campers and non-campers. One thing KOA encourages is for people to call ahead to the location they want to camp at and ask about openings or vacancies. KOA said with the increase in traffic they are finding they are booked up.

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