Most residents in the City of Superior are used to having their garbage schedules altered during the week of a celebrated holiday.  Usually, the pick up date just gets shifted to an alternate date and things are back to normal by the next week.

This sort of alteration occurs for the common holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.  However, one of the holidays that usually throws residents off is the observance of Veterans Day.  With absolutely no slight to the significance behind it, the observance somehow seems to slip through the cracks for some and many aren't aware that the city alters their schedule for it.

This year Veterans Day is Monday, November 12; as such, Superior's garbage pick up schedule will change for that week - at least for those who's normal date is Monday.  According to collateral released by the city, residents who usually have their garbage picked up on Monday should instead plan on Tuesday service. All other days will be as usual, however the shifted start to the week may delay pick up on the other days as drivers catch up.