If only they had checked first.  The same tax dollars that worked to plant trees along 4th Street during the Reconstruction Project a few years back will now be spent to remove them due to their classification as "invasive".  The work will begin soon and last for a few weeks.

According to information released by the City of Duluth, the 18 Amur Cork trees that they originally spent tax dollars on to plant in the boulevard along the street have now been identified as "invasive".  City of Duluth Forrester Clark Christensen explains:

"Based on the evidence provided by the Department of Agriculture, the City sees the potential for the male Amur Cork trees to become female which would make them invasive.  The City will be removing the Cork trees and replanting a noninvasive tree in its place to remediate this risk".

Hopefully, the replacement trees will match the designation right and won't also be invasive.

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While not all of the trees were part of the 4th Street Reconstruction Project planting, the majority were.  "The project reconstructed two miles of 4th Street for the first time in 30 years and replaced the water, gas, and sewer lines - some of which were more than 100 years old".  While Amur Cork trees weren't the only species planted, they were included as part of the work order.

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The Amur Cork tree has been valued for its large branch and leaf span - which not only look nice, but they contribute to the shade factor on the boulevard.  The variety is not native to the United States. It hails from "Northern China, Japan and Manchuria" and first showed up in our country in the early 1900's.

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