It's that time of year.  As winter encroaches on the area, a variety of roads that are better used in the warmer weather months start to close.

Skyline Parkway is one of those roadways - at least portions of it.

The City of Duluth has announced their plans to close sections of Skyline Parkway and Seven Bridges Road to all motorized vehicle traffic effective Thursday, December 1.  This is a planned closure that happens every year, tied to the changing season.

According to the details shared by the City of Duluth, here are the roads - and their respective sections - that are being closed for the season:

  • Skyline Parkway: from 0.4 miles east of Glenwood Street to Maxwell Road
  • Seven Bridges Road: from Lakeview Chalet to Maxwell Road
  • Maxwell Road: from Skyline Parkway to Oak Street
  • Skyline Parkway: from 0.3 miles south of 100th Avenue West to the city limits

It's worth noting that the first three road segments listed are located at the east end of Skyline Parkway, generally from the Lakeview Chalet on Seven Bridges Road to the Hawk Ridge overlook.  The last-named segment is at the extreme western end of Skyline Parkway beyond Spirit Mountain, reaching the city limits.

Every year, the city closes off these portions of the Skyline Parkway road area due for safety and efficiency reasons.  Because the roads are traveled so lightly, snow removal becomes an issue.

The closed portions of Skyline Parkway and Seven Bridges Road will reopen again in the spring, once the snow is gone.

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