There could be a 5 cent fee soon on the single-use plastic bags, just like some other cities in the country according to two stories I found online.

I don't know if their way is solving anything because the money charged will go back to the store. I would think the store would build the cost of the bag into the prices they charge, I would think if you want to discourage people from using those bags one would have made it more expensive but have the money go to help an organization like Bag It, that is trying to cut down the amount of bags that are being used, or that are coming up with solutions to end the use of those bags.

Scrapmonster is reporting that Councilor Em Westerlund introduced an ordinance that would have retailers charge their customers for the bags, but there are exceptions such as bags you use for prescriptions and bags that you would put meat in to keep them from touching other foods.

Which to me isn't solving anything in my opinion, there is still the use of the bags.

According to, the Duluth City council is supposed to vote at early as October 14.

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