I don't think they have hired anyone to play the halftime show for the Super Bowl. I don't think it's too soon to start thinking ahead, here's my vote, Weird Al Yankovic.

Just think, he can play any type of song. He could have anyone as a guest singer and fit in. This may be the biggest halftime show ever. It would be start-studded, big production, and full of songs we grew up with. He has toured across the country and sells out, and there was a petition to get him to play the halftime show.

Would he do it, YES!!! He has said in many interviews, including the TMZ interview I included below that he would. What would he play, his answer was the hits! Here's more of a reason for him to play. He is fun, we don't have to worry about him having nudity in his show, he won't take off his shirt and all of his songs are fun. The networks want everyone to watch, he would get kids and adults watching the Super Bowl.

When Rolling Stone asked him what his halftime show would look like he told them, “I would think I’d do some kind of duets with the artists that I’ve lampooned over the years,”  Weird Al named Joan Jett to play on “I Love Rocky Road” or  Adam Lambert-and/or Queen on “Another One Rides the Bus.”

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I think it would be great, and would probably revive Coolio's career, have him come out and sing "Amish Paradise" with Al. I just think we need fun and great costumes. The halftime show has become about sex and skimpy outfits. I'm not just talking about some of the past shows, I can site Janet Jackson and even some of the performers and some of the bizarre costumes they have worn. With Al, it would be a fun All-Star show.

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