Every time I see someone that wins the lottery, they usually have some traits that I have noticed. They are older, they usually say they can't spend it all and will donate a lot to charity and their grandkids, they live in a trailer park, and they also have this in common.....

They don't live in Duluth!! The big money, like millions and millions is never in Minnesota, and even large pots like 1 million, are never in Duluth. So, I'm thinking the winner is someone in small town, southern Minnesota, living in a trailer park, 89 years old, and had their grandson buy it for them while they were up visiting the Depot and forgot they bought it in Duluth.

They don't even know they have won.

What I would like to see? A struggling young family from Morgan Park, spent their last dollar and said they could really use it and are now digging in their car because it fell in between seats. I hope those people win!!

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