The fashion retailer, Charlotte Russe has announced they are going out of business. There is currently one location in Duluth, at the Miller Hill Mall.

Charlotte Russe arranges from clothing, to shoes, and accessories. Their website states that they are going out of business and their online store is now closed. The company did file bankruptcy last year.

The retailer was founded in 1975 by three brothers and had 558 locations in 45 states. The reason for filing for bankruptcy was due to a dramatic decrease in sales and in-store traffic.

So this comes with another question: With a store closing in the mall, what could take its place? I personally would love to see an arcade make a comeback to mall. I miss the days where I would spend endless hours playing at Aladdin's castle. Which used to be next to Sbarro's in the food court, then transformed into a Dairy Queen and is now currently vacant. Or maybe another clothing retailer will take its place. But for now we bid farewell to Charlotte Russe.

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