I have never jumped on the bandwagon to talk lengthy about Charlie Sheen when he was on his drunken (alegedly) rants. I do find it funny that the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen is on against 2 1/2 men on CBS. Maybe it was meant as a stunt, but a bad one I must admit. Everyone will be tuned into CBS to see what happens, how good Ashton Kutcher is taking over the part, what the kid looks like now that his voice changed, whether Jon Cryer is really a troll.

The thing that gets me is, most people won't tune in the roast because of all the foul language. Granted, they do beep it out, but the whole show winds up being one big long beep. Charlie said anything is fair game, so you know everyone will go after him. I read some of the top roast lines.

“How much blow can Charlie Sheen do?” began Jon Lovitz. “Enough to kill two and a half men."

Jeffrey Ross took the stage dressed as Moammar Kadafi.  “Don't you want to live to see your kids take their first 12 steps?" he joked. “How do you roast a meltdown?”

"Charlie is an amazing medical specimen. I guess that's what comes from waking up at the crack of crack,” joked Private Practice star Kate Walsh.

(taken from SHE KNOWS ENTERTAINMENT website)

and those are the clean ones I could use.

So what are you doing tonite? 2 1/2 men or Roast. Ratings are out tomorrow morning.


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