After months of investigation, charges have now been filed in regard to the September 2021 Proctor football sexual assault case. The St. Louis County Attorney's Office announced the charges and a motion to try the defendant as an adult.

A 17 year old male has been charged with third degree sexual criminal conduct in connection with the September alleged incident. Investigators used witness accounts, the victim's own statements, and other resources in the investigation.

The incident began with a "lewd photo" sent on snapchat from a third party who was using the victim's phone to a group of people. According to WDIO, a response was sent that said to the victim, "you're going to get the plunger."

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Court documents say that on September 7 after football practice, the 15 year old was confronted by the defendant. The victim attempted to flee and made it outside where he eventually was taken to the ground by several players. The defendant in the case then sexually assaulted the victim with the plunger. Witnesses say the defendant afterwards throw the plunger at the victim and later told others that, "I bet you guys didn't think I'd do it."

No other individuals have been charged at this time. According to documents those participating with the defendant say they had no idea he would have taken it that far. It's also unclear on who exactly was holding him down, according to witnesses.

The Proctor Police Department urges anyone who may have more information to contact them at  218-624-7788. They also say that this investigation was made difficult by the amount of speculation made on social media and the amount of time the department had to devote to responding to rumors.

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