Officials with the City of Superior are working to get the word out about the changes that have been made to their annual Spring Brush Collection - which starts in May.  In order to broadcast the message to residents, they've created a page on their website that details the important changes from last years collection.

In general, here's what you'll need to know (changes are listed in bold type):

Tree/Brush Pile Size (Limits):

  • The brush collection crew will limit chipping time to 15 minutes per pile.
  • To match the Time Limit, piles at a MAX should be 4 feet tall, 15 feet long and 6 feet deep.
  • Individual material size is REQUIRED to be:
  • No shorter than 18 inches or longer than 12 feet in length.
  • No larger than 12 inches in diameter.
  • As a general rule of thumb please keep your pile smaller than a standard police car.

Tree/Brush Pile Contents

  • Brush collection serves property owners who maintain their own property.
  • Material cut by contractors will NOT be collected.
  • Materials cleared from lots or undeveloped property will NOT be collected.
  • Remove all roots, stumps, metal, rocks and dirt.
  • Do NOT put brush in bags, boxes, or any other container.
  • Christmas trees/wreaths must be free of all items (wires, stands, ornaments etc.)
  • The City of Superior will NOT be collecting Leaves, Grass Clippings or Garden Debris in the spring cleanup.  You can take them to WLSSD or the Moccasin Mike Landfill.

Tree/Brush Pile Location

  • Brush must be piled in a neat, orderly fashion to assist collection efficiency.
  • Place all cut debris with the trunks facing the street at a 90 degree angle.
  • Piles are to be placed in the right-of-way away, a maximum of 3 feet from the curb.
  • Avoid placing brush in any ditch, drainage or sidewalk.
  • Location should be clear from obstructions, cars, garbage cans, and any overhead wires.
  • Anything on private property will NOT be picked up.
  • Alley Pickup can be REQUESTED ONLY for locations with limited street access.
  • Please, do not spread out the piles.

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