The Nemadji Golf Course notified the public via a Facebook post that one of their employees has tested positive for COVID-19. Because of this recent case, they have implemented some changes at the golf course to prevent the spread.

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In the first post, Nemadji Golf Course notified the public of the infected staffer, and that they are implementing changes to mitigate the risk and ensure health and safety of guests and staff. Now, golfers are asked to check in through the window of the clubhouse until they can fully clean the entire clubhouse. Restrooms by the driving range will remain open. The bar and dining area is closed now. You can call in to go orders and the beverage cart will remain operating on the golf course.

They were able to share more information several hours later. The staff member that tested positive worked in the food and beverage department. The last day they had worked was on June 30th. The infected person was asymptomatic. Any employees in contact with this person are also being tested. They urge anyone that experiences symptoms of COVID-19 to get tested.

I recently played a round of golf a couple of weeks ago at Nemadji. I can tell you that in my experience each person I encountered on the staff was wearing a mask. They had a plastic window shield at the clubhouse cash register, and they were handling safety precautions better than many businesses in the area. Nemadji is taking the coronavirus very serious.

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