As reported a few weeks ago, Kodak is in for the fight of their life.  After inventing and then leading the way with photographic technology for decades, Kodak lost its way in recent times.

But, don't count them out.  Kodak has a plan for the future and they're sticking to it.

Have you stepped away from having to hook up your Android device to your printer to print off content, if not then you might like to know that there is a new Android app available that lets you send such things as text files, PDF files, Microsoft Office docs, web pages and image files to any Kodak printer, and is called the Kodak Document Print app.

The app utilizes "cloud technology", which is the computer-worlds current trend.

The Kodak Document Printer App for Android requires the user to have a Google Cloud Print account along with a registered Kodak AIO printer and once the printer is registered all you need to do is launch the application, login to your Google account and you are ready to start printing.

The Kodak Document Printer App for Android enables the user to access files on their chosen Android device, on Evernote, Dropbox or Google Docs and send them to your Kodak printer via Google Cloud Print.

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