The Food and Drug Administration is making changes to the nutrition labels you see on the products you buy at the grocery store.  The alterations are aimed at helping customers make "health choices".

According to a report from Sky News, the new food labels will utilize a “traffic light” system, where colors help consumers identify if levels of salt, sugar, calories, fat, and saturated fat are within a healthy range.

“The main thing that you notice at the moment is that labels are different for each different supplier,” food nutritionist Nicole Berberian told Sky News. “They could be on the front, they could be on the side, they could be color coded, they could be randomly color coded, so it’s very difficult to know what to look for.”

The FDA hopes that standardized sizes, colors, and fonts for the nutrition labels will make it easier for Americans to know about the health-factors of the food they eat at a glance.

While nutritionists and consumers might be singing the praises of the new labeling, food industry experts aren't - that's because consumers tend to buy less food when they are aware of the potential unhealthy aspects of them.

The labels should make their way to your grocery store sometime in the next few months.


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