The CDC came out with a new report not to put your mask under your chin if you are not wearing it over your face.

According to Good Housekeeping, many doctors agree that you shouldn't be touching your mask with your hands a lot or moving it below your nose or putting it under your chin. The reason for keeping it on your nose is the fact you render your mask worthless because you are still breathing in or out germs.

Good Housekeeping features other Doctors saying that you have many germs on your hands and if you keep using them to move your mask you are only spreading germs.

The third thing that the article in Good Housekeeping touches on is you also shouldn't put your mask around your neck, even if you are going to eat something. The reason is there are just as many germs on your neck. The CDC recommends bringing a clean plastic bag with you. Wash your hands then put the mask in the bag, then eat or drink. Then after doing so, immediately put the mask back on.

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I have included the official Tweet from the CDC on how to wear your face covering.

If you notice the CDC still says washing your hands is really important. Wash your hands no less than 20 seconds and always keep them clean. Bring hand wipes and hand sanitizer with you to keep your hands germ free.

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