Our fair town of Duluth, Minnesota was featured on a CBS Sunday Morning segment May 6, it was about American cities experiencing a rebirth.

Duluth was actually featured partly because of all the craft beer featured in the area, some recycled furniture, and Cirrus Airplanes. A couple is traveling the country after writing a book about how some American cities are experiencing a rebirth rather than a decline.

Lee Cowan reports and begins the report in Duluth. Here's what CBS Sunday Morning had to say:

.........many towns and cities are experiencing a rebirth. James Fallows, of The Atlantic magazine, and his wife, Deborah, traveled the country, stopping in one small town after another, to witness the forces of entrepreneurship and creativity that are driving an American renewal. They've written a book, "Our Towns," and talked with correspondent Lee Cowan about the creativity, compassion, and generosity of small-town America that are the driving forces behind a nation remaking itself. Cowan also talked with small business owners (like Duluth, Minn., craft brewers Laura Mullen and Bryon Tonnis) and Greenville, S.C., Mayor Knox White on what helped turn around their communities.

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