How many times are potholes at the top of the list for a Mayor of Duluth to fix? Mayor Larson has to come up with a way to raise money to pay, how about Pizza!!

Don Ness had the problem, the mayor before him, and the mayor before him, and get the idea. It's been a problem for a long time.

That's when the genius in me hit. I was watching a commercial for Dominos Pizza and they said they would fix potholes if it wrecks your pizza. How many of you drive on a street that wrecks your suspension, your alignment, your bumper, and your pizza?

Domino’s Pizza just announced a new campaign that aims to help fix potholes throughout America.

They’ve apparently already started work in Texas, Delaware, Georgia, and California. Hey Dominos, how about Duluth!!!!

All you have to do is to to the Paving for Pizza website and nominate your zip code. Let's all go there and make it so they have to do the whole city!!! Mayor Larson, you lead the charge!!!

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