With Christmas on the way and a lot of folks decorating their home, many start to look for ways to source a real (non-artificial) tree for their home.  In the Northland, we're blessed to live in a region that is heavy with forest and wood land - home to the sort of evergreen trees that make the perfect specimen to hang decorations on.

But you can't just go and cut down the first tree you see - unless you own the property or obtain permission from the landowner.  Cutting down a tree on someones property without asking first will leave you open to criminal and legal consequences.

During this time of year, you'll find real trees for sale from a variety of vendors - both small and large;  some of these places that offer trees for sale also offer the option of cutting down the tree yourself - for the full experience.

But what about county-owned land?  Both St. Louis County in Minnesota and Douglas County in Wisconsin own thousands of acres of wooded property. However - just because your tax dollars hold the deed to the land doesn't mean that you can just cut down the first tree you see.

In Douglas County, they've made the process easy.  A link on their website fully-explains how to apply for a permit, what you can do with that permit, and where you can use the permit for cutting down a Christmas tree for your home.  The cost for doing so is relatively cheap, too - at $5.00.

Unfortunately, St. Louis County doesn't offer a similar program.  But - there is an option within the boundaries of the largest county in Minnesota.  The Superior National Forest offers permits for tree-taking and their website also provides an easy link to do so.  The fee for a tree in the Superior National Forest is also only $5.00.  Their website also offers the advice that families with 4th Graders can use their Every Kid In A Park Pass to obtain a free permit for their family.  The website also details this option well.