I once saw a movie with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman called "Far and Away". Nicole's character had to get a job dancing with the Bur-liee-que....and Tom's character had to fight for her honor because he felt that was beneath her. Over the years his has built up a history.

Ruby Sparkles visited the studio and gave a short interview for the radio, but I made her stay and we talked at length. I had questions about the history, what actually goes on, is there Burlesque in Duluth, what is it like, what perfume was she wearing.....ok, I'm getting off the subject.

Formed in January 2012, The Duluth Dolls Burlesque and Cabaret combine the classic original burlesque style and add a creative & modern revisionist edge, making each show unique, innovative and just plain fun.  I wanted all the details on this female artform....and it turns out, male artform. I told you it had a history. Thanks for stopping by Ruby.

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