Burger King's bringing back the Big King. The company originally brought it out to do battle with the McDonald's Big Mac. Claiming it was the King's version. The sandwich went away and McDonald's claimed victory as the original. Now that it's back, Burger King says it's back to stay.

The latest move by Burger King comes at an odd time when fast food sales are down.Burger King has been proactive with its product, coming out with a so-called lower-cal french fry that it dubbed Satisfries. And it's no accident that the Big King weighs in at about 40 calories less than the Big Mac.

The original sandwich came out in 1997 in limited markets. That version, which did not go national, did not have a middle bun, which the current version does. The Big King also comes with freshly cut lettuce, white onions, pickles, sauce and a sesame seed bun.

Of course Burger King isn't fessing up to the fact that it is an exact copy now, says the key to the great tasting Big King is the fire-grilled burgers, capitalizing on the key element that separates Burger King from McDonald's in most consumer taste surveys.

The Big King sells for $3.69.

The Big Mac is one of McDonald's most iconic menu items. It's been around since 1967 and is one of the most well known food item in most surveys.

McDonald's refused to comment on the new sandwich saying only that it is concentrating on being the top fast food chain in America and only wants to improve it's own menu not comment or be worried about others.

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