We've eagerly been awaiting the opening of Bucktales Cantina & Grill in the Shorty's Pizza location on Tower Avenue in Superior. I received word from the owners on when the full restaurant will open, and also an earlier bar-only event.

Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, Bucktales Cantina / Shorty's Pizza will have the bar open for a celebration. The full opening of the restaurant will be the following week. They shared the news on their Facebook page.

So the Cinco De Mayo party (on May 5th,) will be a one-day event with drink specials. They encourage guests to come out and preview the new cantina which will be opening on May 13. I stopped by to take a photo of the business with their new sign and noticed a food service truck was unloading supplies and people were inside working to get ready.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

Months ago we knew that Bucktales had purchased the building that Shorty's had occupied. After talking with the owners, I also learned that they bought everything Shorty's had including the recipes. According to the owners, the menu will be a mix of things from both Bucktales and Shorty's, including pizzas as well. "A bit of something for everyone," is what Mary Ellen told me.

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Shorty's Pizza had closed after trying to sell for some time. The owners said that the labor shortage was making it hard for them to offer the level of service they were comfortable with and that ultimately is what caused them to shutter the doors. Many people were disappointed as it had been a local favorite restaurant.

Now Bucktales Cantina has been working hard on getting ready for the opening of the new location, which will feature their signature Mexican food, and likely some of those menu item favorites from Shorty's menu. We are excited to see what happens with the new restaurant in the coming weeks.

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