A bride-to-be and her brother are at war after she suggested he cover up his X-rated tattoo for her wedding.

The woman took to Reddit explaining her brother has always had a "pretty wild" look, previously sporting a mullet, buzzed cut and Mohawk.

She noted she doesn't mind his appearance at all since it's "his body," she just feels that one specific tattoo should be kept hidden during her upcoming beach wedding.

The bride-to-be detailed the origin of the controversial ink: "When he was in college, my brother drunkenly got a vagina tattooed on his chest," she wrote via Reddit.

"As it’s a beach wedding, the groomsmen will be wearing slightly open button-down shirts and so the tattoo will be visible," she continued. "I asked if he’d be willing to cover [it] for my wedding and he got immediately offended saying it’s his body, his choice."

The brother was so furious at her request that she claimed he is "now refusing to attend the wedding if he has to cover it."

"I get it’s his body but I really don’t want my guests to have to stare at a vagina during my wedding and I don’t want to look back at my wedding photos and see a vagina," she continued. "While my family is used to it, my fiancé's family would probably be taken aback if not offended by it. He called me a bridezilla and unreasonable."

Reddit users commented on the post, mostly agreeing with the bride-to-be in that it's her day and her brother should just cover the tattoo up.

"Honestly, doing his sister this small favor shouldn't be such a problem. He can consider it his wedding gift if it is such a big deal to him," one person wrote, while another commented: "I could literally have a wedding on the Vegas strip with dancers and strippers and I still wouldn't want someone's tat of genitals or really rude words in my wedding photos."

"Not wanting any kind of pictures of genitals present at your wedding is completely normal," a third wrote.

"You don't want him to get a cover-up or laser removal before your wedding, you just don't want to have his chest vagina staring at the guests or be in your pictures, which is completely reasonable," yet another Reddit user weighed in.

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