I've been following this one closely, I think this would help the Vikings immensely. We would have Brian's services and he could work with the young Viking Defense. Vikings said they were moving guys around and there would be a first timer playing the LB position.

As you know Brian Urlacher has been a Bear for his whole career and felt that they owed him and he was worth more than they were offering him. In face, he tweeted that the money was not a negotiation it was an ultimatum and he wanted two years and would retire.

The Vikings said they have been watching his workouts and say they are happy with what they see, they were talking and the talks broke off, but now I see that a Chicago newspaper is saying that Urlacher is serious about playing in Minnesota and wants to play against his former team.

Urlacher joined the Chicago Bears out of New Mexico in 2000 and earned the NFL Rookie of the Year during his first year with the team. The linebacker would go on to earn 8 Pro Bowl selections and win the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2005.

Today could be the day.