Former Vikings QB Brett Favre got caught up in a scandal with misused welfare money, now he's returning that money.

According to TMZ Sports, Favre was paid $1.1 Million for speeches in 2017 and 2018, but he didn't actually give the speeches. He said he was unaware that the money was meant to help the poor and not for things like speeches.

The money came from the Mississippi Dept. of Human Services, where some bad employees decided to use about $98 million for things like concert tickets, football games, and Favre speeches.

Favre is not accused of doing anything wrong, auditors found the missing money but say he did nothing wrong and applaud him for doing the right thing.

Officials say that Favre has already paid back $500,000 to the state and plans on repaying the rest of it in installments.

Favre took to Twitter to explain the situation and said, " I have spent my entire career helping children through Favre 4 Hope donating nearly $10 million to underserved and underprivileged children in Mississippi and Wisconsin."

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