Breanne Marie isn't solo anymore. Not on this album. COVID changed a lot of things and it put the band together on the album to make their best collection to date..

Breanne told me she was supposed to record the new record and then everything was shut down. That's when the band used the extra time to pre-produce with Vicky Emerson a little and refine the sound and that's when the band decided it was more than just a Breanne Marie record. The new album, called Juniper, includes songs that Breanne Marie wrote after the death of her brother in 2018.

Breanne told me, “I took a moment to pause. I have a lot of reasons to cry. I have a lot to be grateful for. If this album has a pace, it’s a long hike in the Rockies and I’m just a juniper tree surviving the elements.” Oh, there's the name of the album. this album is a little slower than her other releases but it comes from pain, it comes from having to get through COVID, and having to look inside herself for inspiration.

Breanne recorded this album at Sparta Sound again in Chisholm, MN, and with Rich Mattson. They recorded their last album there and decided to do it again. Breanne says Rich listens to many different types of music which gives him a good knowledge to work with and working with him again he was used to their sound and could draw it out. The sound of the studio works well with their sound.

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According to the Breanne Marie Website, Juniper is now available to stream and purchase online in CD and Vinyl form, and in the following stores: Wussow’s Concert Cafe (Duluth, MN), Schmitt Music (Duluth, MN), Globe-News (Superior, WI), Solsta Records (St. Louis Park, MN), Down in the Valley (Golden Valley, MN), Mill City Sound (Hopkins, MN), Electric Fetus (Minneapolis, MN), Barely Bros. (St. Paul, MN).

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