The City of Duluth has named a new Community Relations Officer. Breanna Ellison will step into the liaison role effective the middle of February, working to bridge the gap between city services and the greater community at large.

The name might be familiar to many in the Twin Ports. Ellison has an extensive background as a community organizer, counselor, board member, educator, a high school girls basketball coach, even a would-be politician.

According to details shared when Duluth Mayor Emily Larson made the announcement, the Community Relations Officer "serves as a liaison between the Mayor's office and city departments, other governmental agencies, and community organizations". That seems like good fit for both Ellison and the City, considering her background.

Ellison is currently serving a term as a board member with the St. Louis River Alliance.  She also volunteers her time on a number of different community organizations.  Previously, she worked with the City of Duluth's Workforce Development department as an Employment Counselor.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson shared the positive aspects of the new hire for the Community Relations Officer position:

"I am excited to work with Breanna. She was selected from almost forty impressive applicants and brings tremendous experiences, skills, and insights to our work. This role is vital to our residents as a bridge between the community and our departments and services. Breanna understands our community and will be an asset to everything we do."

Other city department leaders had similar words of praise for Ellison and the background she brings to the new role. Duluth Police Chief Mike Ceynowa shared:

"I look forward to working with Breanna Ellison in her new role as the City of Duluth's Community Relations Officer. I am excited to see what ideas she brings to the table to help our city make sure we are hearing from our entire community. This role has assisted our department in connecting with people from all aspects of our community.  Breanna has a diverse background working in our community with youth and adults, which will be valuable to us in her role."

In her new role, Ellison will build upon the investments she's already made in the Twin Ports community. She adds:

"I am thrilled and honored to serve as Community Relations Officer for the City of Duluth. I look forward to working alongside Mayor Larson, City staff, and our community in this vital work. I am deeply invested in doing my part to create a thriving Duluth across all neighborhoods. Our city is accomplishing meaningful and crucial work, with constant growth happening - and even more important work is yet to be done. Stepping into this role, I bring a commitment to work hard for and with all Duluthians. I could not be more excited to dive into this role and serve our community."

Last year, Ellison ran for the Minnesota House 8B seat vacated by Jen Schultz. Schultz had served as the District 7A representative, however she left her role as the designation of her seat was changed to 8B with the redistricting process.

Outside of community service and politics, Ellison also serves a variety of different roles in the Twin Ports. She is a licensed educator, with a Bachelor of Science degree in both History and Teaching Social Studies. In addition, she coaches girls basketball for the Superior High School.

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