I read somewhere that the month of March was the worst productivity month in America. All the articles I read about it said it was because people spend time online making basketball brackets, entering them in contests, and checking them.

This year has been particularly bad. Everyone I talk to is doing badly because of some unforseen upset victories. No one is going to win the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge this year, the last perfect bracket ended on Saturday.

I have bets (no money, 'cause I don't have any to bet) with friends and not only am I worried I'm going to lose them, they are worried they are going to lose to me.

Here's an Interesting story, on wdbj7's website they tell a story about a teacher that has made her own brackets, and there are never upsets. They read two books and then the class decides who moves on in the brackets. It accomplishes two things, they read the books and they discuss the book. The kids can try and sway the class to vote one way or another.

I know they call it March Madness for the fever it creats across America, but I also think it's because your teams start losing creating madness in the bracketeer.


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