WLSSD is still closed and I have noticed people dumping stuff all over the place. So have the Bordertown Betties.

They are holding a contest via their Facebook page called Peace, Love, and Garbage in hopes that people will clean up the area around them and have some fun doing it. Earth Day is here on April 22. This is a contest to help commemorate the 50th anniversary by the group of women.

According to their Facebook Page, they have 10 categories you can win prizes in and they are as follows:

1) Cutest Trash Picker
2) Weirdest Item Found
3) Most Drastic Before & After
4) Most Trash Picked Up
5) Best Picture
6) Best 70’s Outfit Individual
7) Best 70s Outfits Group (They do recommend social distancing protocol.
8) Cutest Dog
9) Best wildlife spotting/sign
10) Best Story about what happened while you did this.

There is more to this contest than just cleaning up. Obviously it's to beautify the Twin Ports but its also to have some fun doing it. How do you qualify for this contest, according to their Facebook Page here is what you have to do:

1) Clean up Trash (in your neighborhood, on your favorite beach or trail)
2) Take Pictures
3) Post pictures to this page and put in your post which of the 10 categories you are entering. (People can enter more than one category but each picture can only be used for one category)
4) Send a message to the Border Town Betties with the curbside location of your trash if it is too much to fit in your personal can so it can be picked up!

I just want to thank the Bordertown Betties for doing something for the community and for making it fun. If you don't care about the prizes and you just want to clean up, you may do so, but why not have some fun on Earth Day?

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