Three weeks ago I wrote a post titled "In Cold Blood" Murder Case Set To Reopen, the tragic story of the murder of four people in a Kansas farmhouse by Richard Hickock and Perry Smith.Truman Capote became fascinated by the story, and together with Harper Lee, interviewed witnesses and investigators which eventually became the basis for his book "In Cold Blood."

According to ABC, the bodies of Hickock and Smith were exhumed Tuesday from Mount Muncie Cemetery in Lansing Kansas at the request of the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. Even though the bodies of Hickock and Smith had been buried for over forty seven years, investigators were confident DNA testing will confirm the two were also responsible for the murder of the  Walker family in Florida. Cliff and Christine Walker and their two young children were murdered a month after the Kansas killings. Clothing worn by Mrs. Walker will be compared to DNA samples taken from the exhumed bodies of Hickock and Smith.

Detectives in Florida are confident the samples will match, and the deaths of the Walker family murder case will finally be put to rest.