It was a big night for laughter, but before the show Bob Zany and Todd Satter stopped by to pay Chris Allen a visit and hopfully make him laugh so hard water comes through his nose.

Bob Zany came by first and then Todd, who was helping JJ Jimmy Walker to get around for all of his interviews. Bob was up first did his world famous Zany report. Taking news stories and making them laughable.

Bob Zany gets a lot of his humour off the cuff. and is extremely observant. He sells a prank kit and many of his shows on his website,  He also boasts the Goodwill Tour.

Todd was the taxi for Bob and JJ. We did get to talk to him and learned he is from Minnesota and no one ever gets his  name right. So I started the interview by getting his name wrong. It really was fun hanging with these two guy.

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