Typically a Hall of Fame nod signifies someone who is coming toward the end of their career, but that’s hardly the case for Detroit legend Bob Seger.

The musician, who will be entered into the Songwriters Hall of Fame tonight, tells Billboard, “I’ve got five [songs] that I really, really like and then I’m sifting through the other 70 that I’ve got in the can [for a new album].” The vocalist says that an exact release date has not been secured, but he’s working on getting out his first disc since 2006 as soon as possible.

Of the songs, Seger revealed, “Some of them aren’t that old. Some of them are just last album stuff that I really liked and I got talked out of and I’m really sorry I did. I could actually put it out for this fall right now if I wanted to, but I’m just going to write a little more before I make a final decision.”

The singer revealed that he’s recorded a duet with country superstar Trisha Yearwood called ‘The Price,’ and it joins such other potential tracks as ‘Wonderland,’ ‘Ride Out,’ and the rock ballad ‘You Take Me’ as favorites for the next disc. He’s also considering a pair of live recordings for the collection as well. ‘Sometimes’ has connected with audiences, as has the band’s cover of Little Feat’s ‘Fat Man in the Bathtub.’

In addition to a new album, Seger also revealed his involvement in penning the music for the trailer to the new film, ‘Threshold,’ a thriller that was co-written by his son Cole.

As for tonight’s Songwriters Hall honor, Seger says, “It’s a really nice honor. They’ve been doing it since ’69, so they haven’t taken it lightly. Songwriting … I really work hard on that. I like to think that, like Henley says, I leave a little blood and the page and work really hard on my lyrics chord changes, structures and everything. So it’s pretty heartening to get that nod.”

The event takes place tonight at New York City’s Marriott Marquis Hotel. Seger’s induction class also includes Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Steinman, Don Schlitz, and Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones.

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