Mere months after an array of artists gathered to honor to Bob Dylan's '80s output, he's getting the tribute treatment again.

The NME reports that producer T Bone Burnett is at work on 'Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes,' a new various-artists compilation that finds a diverse crew of acts (including Elvis Costello, Jim James, and Mumford & Sons) adding music to two dozen previously unreleased Dylan lyrics.

"Great music is best created when a community of artists gets together for the common good," Burnett's quoted as saying. "There is a deep well of generosity and support in the room at all times, and that reflects the tremendous generosity shown by Bob in sharing these lyrics with us."

'River' will be accompanied, according to the article, by a documentary directed by Sam Jones, whose previous credits include the Wilco movie 'I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.' "The discovery of these previously unknown Bob Dylan songs that were thought lost since 1967 is the stuff of Hollywood fiction and a find of truly historical proportions," Jones added. "It is a unique opportunity to film T Bone and these great artists as they collaborate with a young Bob Dylan, and each other, to create new songs and recordings. These days and nights in the studio have been nothing less than magical."

The NME's report suggests that the 'River' film will feature an appearance by Johnny Depp, who stopped by the studio to watch rehearsals one day and ended up playing guitar on one track in place of an absent Costello. The project is currently scheduled for a fall release; to find out more, visit the 'Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes' website here.

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