Black Bear Casino has announced that they will be opening Monday, June 15 at 10:00 a.m. and there will be several policies in place due to the pandemic.

According Black Bear Casino's official announcement, you'll see health related policies in place right when you walk up to the main entrance:

  • The main lobby entrance and the entrance from the parking ramp will be the only open entrances.
  • At all entry checkpoints, guests will be given a non-invasive temperature check. If you have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, you will be asked to return at a later time and encourage you to seek medical attention.
  • All guests will be required to show their Players Club Card and swipe it at the kiosk, if you are not a member it is FREE to become a member and Player’s Club membership is required to enter.
  • To ensure the safety of our guests and employees, we are asking everyone who is experiencing any symptoms to please stay home. We will be waiting for you when you are feeling better.

Once inside the casino, there will requirements with personal protective equipment:

  • All guests and employees will be required to wear a face mask when in public areas. Guests will be allowed to remove their masks when in their hotel room, for eating, drinking, and smoking.
  • Please be respectful of other customers and replace your face mask when you are done taking a drink or a bite of food and between drags of your cigarette.
  • Guests may wear a face shield or goggles, if they choose. All face shields and/or goggles must be clear.
  • We may ask you to briefly remove your mask for identification purposes. We will try our best to limit these requests. The refusal to remove the mask will be treated as a refusal or failure to provide identification.
  • Employees who have contact with customers will be required to wear masks when in the building.
  • Black Bear Casino Resort employees will be reminding guests to use their face masks and wash/sanitize their hands often.

When it comes to social distancing, Black Bear Casino has the following requests:

  • Please stay 6 feet away from other groups or individuals whenever possible.
  • Please follow the social distancing markers that are placed on the floor.
  • Employees will do their best to ensure proper social distancing from other employees and guests whenever possible.
  • We will only be utilizing every other slot machine and will be monitoring occupancy levels and limits closely.

There will also be enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures in place.  You can follow the link below to see their cleaning procedures, what games and amenities will be open and more.

Black Bear Casino will be open every day of the week from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. for the time being.

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