The Best Christmas Ever Movement started with a man, who spent time in the hospital, and when he was well enough to get home, he realized he had forgotten to make arrangements to purchase gifts, decorate, and get the home ready for his son. His family and friends showed up with gifts and food, and that's when he said he wanted to do that for others.

What a great story!! Cindy and Katie talked to me about the pledge of helping families in the area to have the best Christmas. Every year they will double their efforts. This year they helped 100 families in the area to have a special day and did it quietly. This group of do-gooders have raised the money and got the job done without a lot of hoopla.

Every year they need more and more help from businesses and individuals, with money and time. I was embarrassed that I had never heard of this and wanted to know more. What I have done is collected the information for you to contact them and learn more or get involved.

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