I have heard it's best to go to Bentleyville on the weekdays if you are local, the tourists come up on the weekends and the lines can get long.

The kids will get restless and you will lose your wits, it could blow up into something that will make you pull your hair out. I was talking to some people that have waited in line after some advice from me and they said it worked really well for them.

You might not be that lucky and end up in line a little farther back. I saw Bentleyville post the other night they weren't allowing anyone else in line after 6:45 pm. You're in line and you are there till you complete the journey. Pack snacks and games, or make a night of it. Go to a restaurant (we need to support them) or fast food place and have a family night in the car.

You could bring some board games or play some cards or car games. Someone picks the red cars, someone else picks white. Keep track of how many you see on the way to the park. Read Christmas stories (a great idea for young kids) or talk about what your favorite display might be.

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Would be a great time to phone Grandma and Grandpa or other family members and catch up with them. You can occupy the time and enjoy the night with the lights capping off the night.

I am looking for other great ideas to pass the time, leave some comments and I would be happy to add them.

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