We have seen the nice weather bring out the motorcycles and the roar of the open road has been calling to cyclists for months. I am asking you please keep your eyes on the road and watch for motorcycles.

As the sun rises with warmer temperatures, we start to hear the roar of motorcycles breaking the silence of summer. The loud rap of cycle exhaust and revving of the engines. Many people get upset and don't understand at the noise that cyclists make.

You may have seen the bumper stickers that say "loud pipes saves lives". Those words are so very true. When we are driving in our cars or trucks, we have the radio on or we are talking. A bike can come up on you and you would not know, they are small and can easily move quickly and unseen by you. Add the loud pipes and now you notice them and a good chance you're complaining about those loud pipes, but they just saved you from hitting them.

You're sitting at the stop light, a motorcycle pulls up along side of you and what do they do? Vroom vroom, what are they doing ? Well truth be told a lot of the time, it just sounds soo good to us. But there is a real reason for this to be happening, on many older or performance bikes, gas would load up in the cylinders and kill the bike, but if you would keep the rpms (vroom vroom sound) the gas would not flood the bike.

So let's all be life savers this summer and watch for motorcycles.

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